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Distribution network
A company always in expansion

Our products are present on the international markets, as well as in Italy, thanks to a network of direct customers and distributors that are spread over the world . Our distributors, are mono-brand and are responsible only for their own country’s market. They are at your complete disposal, to help you with all aspects of your requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. For not listed countries please contact our office.

Italy Germany Switzerland Holland Denmark Great Britain Benelux Finland Sweden India Singapore South Africa Australia New Zeland
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Commercial seat:

Torriani Gianni S.n.c. C.P. 51 Via P. Stazzi, 2 26029 Soncino (CR)
Tel. +39 0374.85112 Tel. +39 0374.85898 Fax +39 0374.84952

Via dell'Artiginato, 1 Z.I. 26029 Soncino (CR)
Tel. + 39 0374.83329 Fax +39 0374.838686
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