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Company profile
Historical signs

Sig. Gianni Torriani - The founder Mr. Gianni Torriani
The founder Mr. Gianni Torriani
Rediscovering the stages in our commercial enterprise , we think it's important point out the moral, cultural and professional roots that have driven our company ever since the beginning.

Year 1973: On the initiative of Mr. Gianni Torriani , the firm is found keeping up the family tradition in the mechanics area. The professional training of the promoter was accrued fist inside the paternal machine shop, strictly craftsman like, and then during the post-war period, in an important firm where Mr. Gianni Torriani has acquired all the professional experience which has permitted him to stat his own activity with courage, self - denial and great care.

From 1973 to 1984: The T. G. working in Soncino has found its space in the agricultural reality of this market area. The firm has been addressing, to this sector, in a rapid growth of mechanization, enjoying success and esteem for its innovative application. Another sector, to which addressing, was those of crane manufacture for building applications.

Veduta della sede commerciale - Office view
Office view
From 1984 to 1988: With the fist steps of the two sons into the firm, the cultural and professional share raised its potential and the distribution of the synergy either on the commercial activities either on the technical production , led the firm starting the distribution of its products over the national border, prevalently into the European market.

Year 1988 /1990: The way of the creation of a widespread sales organisation in Europe but also in the other continents, go on with great strength; and little by little , with success, the firm assumes its international profile: a qualified organisation of distributors highlighted and got to the heart of the market. The technical quality is beginning more and more evident.

Veduta dello stabilimento - Factory view
Factory view
Year 1990: Start the building of the new productive seat in via dell'artigianato in the industrial area in Soncino.

Years: 1992 /94: The expansion of the new productive seat go on with the integration of other two buildings and with a continue technical modernization of the systems. Year 1998 - The firm , always looking for the evolution , starts up the project of the quality certification in accordance with ISO 9002,with the aim of a continue increasing in order to reply to highest and qualified demands of the market . Starting also the construction of the new commercial seat.
Year 1999: Quality system certificate ISO 9002

Year 2001: Settled in the new commercial seat.

Year 2003: Quality system certificate EN ISO 9001:2000

Year 2005: Replacement of old machineries with CNC machineries.

Year 2006: Enlargement of our production seat.
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